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Start Communicating with Your Prospective Employer

Applying for a job is like selling yourself and your experience to the company. Generally if you want to sell something (especially over the Internet), it takes multiple contacts before someone’s ready to buy. There’s a reason for that. People believe that the more knowledge, trust and proof they have the better (and righter) their decision will be. The job application is the first and for many the last contact with a potential employer.

Here Are Just a Couple of Ways to  Increase the Number of Contacts:

1)    Before sending your application think of a relevant question to ask and call or email the contact person named in the job ad. First of all he/she might be involved in the hiring process. Secondly it may also give you a better understanding of the job and what to emphasize in your application. Remember to always send a thank you letter after someone has helped you.

2)    Be a human not a robot. Add a personal touch to your job application. Do a little research to find out the recruiter’s personal/professional interests. Write in the cover letter something along the lines of: “I am really interested in working with you because we share a love of…”.

3)    If you’re invited for an interview, pay close attention to the details. It’s important because after the interview you should definitely write a follow-up letter. Include: “I appreciate that you took time to have a thorough conversation with me and introduce the potential position”. Also mention something the recruiter told you that was interesting and made you think. Offer your thoughts and solutions (depending on the situation).

Utilizing this knowledge will definitely make you stand out. You’re now a person they kind of already know and who’s pleasant to communicate with. All of the above mentioned techniques humanize you and actually make the employer look for a reason to hire you.