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“Almost” a Success Story

This is a story about a good friend, who was at the time in his first year of college. He applied for an Executive Assistant position in a small but reputable company. He didn’t have any experience in the required field (or hardly anywhere for that matter).

Despite the stiff competition, it turned out he was the second best. The employers liked him very much (and probably saw the great potential for growth), so they created an additional job for the young man. He was offered a position as a Research Assistant. You’re probably wondering how he managed to make the recruiters want him so badly.

First of all his CV was top-notch. It was neat, concise, articulate, confident and interesting (even contained some intriguing information). The resume was maximally adapted to the requirements of the job. Everything the student had ever achieved even remotely related to the position was put in the CV. The accomplishments were presented as something special and valuable. The resume painted a picture of a person with wide range of skills and a strong willpower. It was also fresh and creative.

Before writing the CV and motivation letter, the student analysed the job offer. He got a general idea which features of the candidate are valued the most by the employer. The motivation letter addressed a lot of the requirements with small success stories. They were about his previous work experience and different life events which had demanded similar skills. It showed that he had an ability to handle relevant problems.

Maybe here’s the most important part. One task of the candidate was to find some information on the Internet and use it to create graphs in Excel. He also had to write an article on a given subject. He managed to make a very good and thorough work quite fast. He was later told that he was one of the first who sent out the email with the motivation letter, resume and homework. It was really impressive and gave him a strong advantage. It was the key to the interview.

When he was asked to participate in the interview, he started to prepare right away. He read a book about the most frequently asked interview questions and searched for interview tips on the Internet. In conclusion he thought out answers to different interview questions. He tried to create a vision of himself as someone successful with strong convincing power. He even listened to the music that made him feel happy and energetic. After a long good night sleep he went to the interview and managed to shine so brightly that the employers were immediately sold.