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Your CV – a Few Sheets of Trash Paper or a Golden Key to Success?

I believe that you’d like to find a suitable job and do it quickly. You’ve probably made an effort to realize your goal, and that’s truly positive. In conditions of high unemployment rate, per every successful candidate there are unfortunately tens if not hundreds of persons, who still remain searching.

You’ve possibly felt the frustration after receiving a negative answer from a potential employer. I know the feeling because I’ve gone through a crisis period, during which I got negative responses. However, I learned a lot from this period and made a number of useful conclusions. By implementing simple and practical knowledge gained from experience, my CV started opening job interview doors. I also gave advice to friends and it greatly facilitated their ability to get a job.

The more valuable and better your CV, the easier it’ll be to get hired. Yet people go on posting similar comments in online discussion forums: “I’ve already sent out more than a hundred CVs, but I’m still not invited to any interviews.” Such an action requires a great deal of perseverance and willpower, but doesn’t it refer to a poorly written CV? Sending around more than 120 CVs and being constantly rejected – it seems that the sender’s attitude toward his/her CV is very low and the resume is sent almost randomly as something worthless.

Your CV is your calling card and therefore deserves care and respect. If you don’t value your own CV, why should the employer do so? Try putting yourself in the shoes of the recruiter. After reading your resume you should feel proud of yourself.

Some Tips for Improving Your CV:

1)    Modify your CV to each job offer. Try to understand the needs of your potential employer. Even small changes like using the same keywords as in the job listing can make a great difference.

2)    Instead of relying on good fortune and the employer’s conciliatory spirit, thoroughly edit your CV. Change the layout, proofread text, delete unnecessary information and only include valuable content.

If you’re willing to give your CV a high level of personal attention, the chances for getting the desired job multiply. At the same time the possibility to get frustrated by rejection decreases equally. Most likely you’ll get hired sooner and it’ll gain you a great amount of quality time. Instead of eagerly craving for a job you can contently start living a more fulfilling life. The time it takes to comprehensively prepare a CV is marginal compared to months or even years it takes to find work.

Sharpen your sword before going to a battle – maximize your CV’s impact when applying for a job.