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Is It Better to Trust Yourself or a Professional CV Writer?

Writing a CV may seem a tiresome and difficult task. Maybe someone else with greater skills can compose you a far more impressive and convincing resume than you’d ever be able to do on your own. You’d also waste less time and energy. I don’t know whether you’ve had thoughts like this, but I know lots of people who have.

An expert CV writer creates a feeling of safety and comfort. Usually we believe that a professional will compose a high quality resume and we’ll probably reach our goals sooner. It’s very common that knowledge of CV writing practises is quite low among people. Therefore even if the bought CV is poor or not excellent, it’s possible not to recognize its shortcomings. Sure there are superb experts in this field, but it’s always a gamble.

What the CV-Experts Aren’t Telling You.

It’s only partially true that a professional will save you some valuable time. The first task of a good expert is to acquire enough information about you to compose an adequate resume. It’s a long and demanding procedure to provide someone with a lot of facts and details. Most commonly you have to go to the interview (another alternative is a telephone interview) and/or fill out forms that are many pages long. In addition it’s a must that the CV writer understands your industry and role. This is very hard without first-hand experience. As a result, it’ll all take much more time and effort on your part than you initially expected. One thing’s for sure, don’t trust “an expert” who only asks you to supply a copy of your old CV.

It’s only the first step toward your goal if you’re able to get to the job interview with a CV from a professional resume writer. Consequently you’ll have to overcome another obstacle. It’s vital to know your resume by heart. If you don’t know your CV and what’s on there, it comes across in the interview. That’s a fatal mistake. So when you have a resume that’s composed by someone else, it’s better to pay attention and learn it from the first word to the last. This will cost some more time and nerves.

What about the Price?

Don’t expect to get a cheap price from a really good expert. Cheap or medium priced ($50-$150) professionals don’t give you the personal attention you need. A word of caution – in this price range you could easily get a typing service and not a professional CV writing service. So make sure early on what exactly are you paying for. A decent resume will cost you about $250, quality CV $600 and high quality $800. To get a CV along with professional coaching will definitely set you back more than $1000. These are all approximate prices, because there’s never a guarantee that you’ll receive what you paid for.

You know yourself better than anyone else in the world does, i.e. you’re potentially the best CV-expert for yourself. If you know how to express yourself well through your resume, you’ll get a magnificent result. Don’t be afraid to write a CV that stands out and is memorable. You’re one of a kind. Because of that there’s no reason to use a boring, generic “cookie-cutter” approach to create your documents.

Writing a CV is like a unique language you talk about your life’s course. Once you know how to construct an interview winning CV, the best person to write it is actually you.