Fresh Career Advice That Actually Works

If you’re job hunting then networking is extremely important. Networking is developing contacts, relationships or friendships with people who can potentially help you in your job search. Therefore it’s crucial to mention your current situation whenever you’re meeting new people or for that matter communicating with old friends or former co-workers. You never know where you might find someone who can offer you useful information, advice, support, resources or referrals.

Remember networking is not just broadcasting your message. Don’t just tell what you need, be polite and listen to others, take interest in them and get to know them better. This is the only way you can establish an effective network.

Resume Business Cards

Always give your business card if you spot a possible employment opportunity. The best choice is to have a resume business card. It functions as a mini-CV. On the front it’s like an ordinary business card with your name and contacts. On the back of the card print your most vital career information. The number of years’ experience in your field of expertise, main qualifications and skills, important achievements. Include the address of your online portfolio or LinkedIn profile*. Make sure that everything’s completed and up-to-date. Now when someone becomes interested in you based on the highlights from your card he/she can immediately go online and see the full resume or a portfolio of your work and contact you.

*An additional tip: LinkedIn assigns a unique address to every profile. It looks something like this: This isn’t suitable for your business card. To select a new address go to Edit Profile screen and then click the Edit link. The best option is to use your full name.

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