Fresh Career Advice That Actually Works

Do you get extremely nervous before a job interview?
What makes you most worried?
Do you think you’ve had job interview failures that were at least partially caused by nerves?
Does worrying disturb your concentration and the ability to keep a clear mind?

Here’s a method that has helped a lot of people to have a successful job interview. It was developed by Willis H. Carrier, an American engineer and inventor.

The Three-Step Method:

1)    Before going to the interview analyse your situation honestly and critically. Create the worst-case scenario in your mind. Consider everything that could possibly go wrong and think about the consequences. How bad are they really? You definitely won’t be executed or jailed.

2)    Accept the worst that could happen and imagine, that it has already come true. Get used to this possibility. It should take off the pressure and tension and make you ready if the interview turns out in the worst possible way.

3)    Things can only get better now. When you’re not worrying you’re able to concentrate. Start to improve the conditions of the worst-case scenario. While being interviewed be ready for the worst and you can calmly and freely give the interview an opposite direction.

A job interview isn’t the only place you can benefit from this method. You can use it in any nerve-wracking situation where you need to be calm and collected.


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