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Your Job Search Companion (YourJSC) contains tips, recommendations and advice on how to get the job you really want. This knowledge has come from years of dedicated work, analysing numerous CVs and live job interviews. The information offered on this site is based on real life experiences and also acquired from books and online material by well-known and esteemed authors.

Today’s job market can be quite confusing and even overwhelming to people unfamiliar with all the new trends in job searching (e.g. personal branding, social networks, effective career marketing tools). This is fully understandable. Therefore to make it as easy as possible for you to use the material, it’s written in a clear, concise and simple manner.

The articles in the Career Blog include discussions about different aspects of job seeking, from how to write an impressive CV and successfully handle a job interview to anything you can think of in terms of your personal career development.

The idea to create this site has been a long time coming. There’s a little story associated with its birth as well. After my mother lost her job she was quite depressed. Because she didn’t have a college degree she felt that her chances of getting a decent job were very slim. Therefore I decided to take matters into my own hands. I helped her to rewrite the CV, chose a suitable vacancy and prepared her for the interview. Much to her own surprise she was immediately hired.

In addition to getting a good job she became socially active. Later on rumors about her breakthrough spread and more people started asking for useful suggestions. Attempts to help were successful again. Because working with people and researching the latest CV writing and self-marketing techniques is my passion and interest, I decided to share different opinions and ideas with the public as well. So YourJSC was established.

The purpose of this site is to make finding a dream job an easy and enjoyable process, which at the same time is a creative and inspirational journey of self-discovery.

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  1. As a retired nurse @ 66 years of age I would like to find out more information on companionship jobs. Would you please supply me with more information?
    Thank you,

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